The U.S. Law automatically guarantees to a creator, author, painter, sculptor, etc. the protection of his copyrights to all work that is created-made in material form, but the creator always need proof of the creation; as registration, publication or other sort of proof.  


The registration of "work of art" at "Artwork Registry" is a strong proof in any future dispute. It's the artist most credible form of evidence & proof of its creation and exclude others from lawfully copying his claimed artwork also gives the claimant proof & date of registration and ability to prove its ownership.


The cost of registration at Artwork Registry is affordable and can not be compared to the profit of that registration.


Artwork Registry registration is granted simply and inexpensively, provides to the artist or to the claimant the most credible form of evidence and authenticity certificate showing photography and full specification of the artwork which is a record of evidence saved in Artwork Registry's database.